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Techinal Expert

As a technical expert, I bring a broad skill set to the table, including web development. I'm well-versed in AWS Cloud, blockchain development, application design using Figma, and crafting effective marketing strategies.

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Greetings! I'm specialize in creating digital solutions that help businesses thrive. I'm like a Swiss Army knife for your project, with skills in both building and designing applications that look and work great. Imagine you have an idea for an app or a website; I can bring it to life, making it user-friendly and visually appealing. Think of me as the person who makes sure everything works seamlessly, from the buttons you click to the pages you visit. I'm not just about the technical stuff; I also have a knack for marketing strategy. I can help you figure out how to get your product or service in front of the right people and make it a success.


Offered by me


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Web Development

  • I can develop website which supports multiple browser

  • From Design to Front-end development to back-end development can be done by me

  • Fast(Performance) and optimized(SEO) website


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Blockchain Development

  • Smart contract in ethereum/polygon blockchain

  • NFT Minting Page

  • NFT Marketplace

  • Develop Dapps

Native App Development

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Native App Development

  • I can develop apps for multiple OS like ios and android(same app can be used in both os)

  • From design of app to backend of app can be done by me


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Marketing Strategy

  • I can create roadmaps for marketing your product(online/offline)

  • Digital Marketing Roadmap which includes facebook ads, google ads, SEO and more

Let’s put our heads/minds together?

A year from now you may wish you had started today and If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade.

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Portfolio - Projects

Most recent work

NFT Mint Page in Minutes

Create, Host, and Sell NFTs with Ease: A Revolutionary ReactJS-based Platform with thirdweb Integration

ChatBot - Blockchain Learning

Implementation of idea to teach blockchain in simpler way

Helphub - Complaint Managment System

Mini Project for college

Portfolio - Dapps

Most recent work

Dinomonz - Nft Minter(Solana)

Public nft mint website for Solana blockchain and built on Candy Machine

Dinomonz - Nft Minter(Ethereum)

Public nft mint website for Ethereum blockchain and built on ThirdWeb

Dinomonz - ThirdWeb

Public nft mint website for ethereum/solana blockchain and built on ThirdWeb and candy machine

Twitter Clone

Twitter clone which can mint picture, mint nfts and set as profile picture

Opensea Clone

Opensea clone which can create collection, mint nfts, sell nfts, buy nfts and list on Marketplace

Nft Minter

Nft Minter for public mint where people can come and mint nft

Coinbase Clone

Coinbase clone which can send & receive custom money, Qenerate qr code, copy wallet address and calculate account balance

Coinswap Clone

Coinswap clone which can connect wallet and swap crypto b/w wallets also show transaction history

Kickstart Functionality Clone

Kickstart Functionality Clone includes Create campaign, View campaign, send/receive crypto and Manage requests

Lottery Contract

Lottery Contract to enter in event and pick a random winner from participants

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